It’s Summer, Baby!

It’s summertime.

My favorite season.

Yeah, boy, it’s summertime…

And you know, while I enjoy hanging here with you guys, I also enjoy hanging with my family.  We had a rough {in a good way I guess, busy-wise} year, and I just want to hang out and prepare for our next school year.

I want to eat watermelon and pick blueberries {maybe, possibly; it’s really freaking hot outside} and read books and more.

To that end, I’ll be bringing you some of the best {according to you guys!} of Sweet Phenomena from the past {almost!!!!} two years.

I have a few reviews I need to catch up on and post, so they’ll be here too, but for the most part, I’m going to enjoy my summer with my family!

Peace out, yo.  I’ll see you on the flipside.