Always be Prepared #KotexMom

Most of us have at least a month of school under our belts by now.  Routines are developing, schedules are in full force, and Fall is in the air.

We’re not going to talk about stuff like that, though.  We’re going to talk about one of those things that always seems to slip our minds: what happens when your daughter starts her period while away from home.

The most obvious place for this to happen is at school, but I homeschool, so I quickly thought of all the times when it could still happen:  at soccer practice/games, while at a friend’s house, or out shopping.

No matter what type of school your child is in, starting her period while away is something very real to your daughter.

So, how do you deal with this?  More importantly, how do you help her deal with it?

Prepare Yourself to Prepare Her

Remember all those times you think to yourself as a mother: “Oh, I hope she doesn’t get information about that from other kids…”

Well, this is one of those times you should be thinking that.  You should be the one to prep your daughter for this, not someone else.

You can’t really do a good job at this unless you’ve got everything down yourself.

Know if she has any “systems” in place at school, such as a nurse. Maybe the nurse has an emergency kit on hand.

Make sure she has all the supplies she needs {pads, a change of clothes, etc.}. This doesn’t have to be anything major, but she should get used to carrying a pad or two at the very least.

This will help her feel more prepared for when the time comes.  U by Kotex Tween has an array of awesome products designed specifically for tweens.  They’re colorful, they’re small, they’re compact.  No more lugging around that massive pillow in the icky pastel pink wrapper…

Make sure she understands what will and won’t happen. How many times have we experienced the fear of the unknown?  Tons.  Don’t do that to your daughter.

Kotex has put together a great site that covers any topic related to periods that you can possibly imagine.  I really like their section on first period questions.  Study that with your daughter and you’re set to go!

Preparation is key here folks.  Set your daughter up for success and make sure she’s got her period pack on her at all times.

Let her know what will happen so she knows what to expect and how to react.

How did you prepare your daughter?  Did your mother prepare you?  Let’s chat below!

True Confessions:  I wrote this review while participating in a Brand Ambassador Campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of U by Kotex Tween and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

September 22, 2012

Babydoll Soccer

September 22, 2012 – The first day of the new soccer season! The Sounders won the game and played phenomenally!

Make Money Online with Digital Products


Ever feel like the universe is trying to tell you something?

I had that feeling this week.  On two separate occasions, I read about the vast benefits of sharing with other people.

Now, of course I share.  We’re all taught to do so.  But sometimes it becomes tempting to not share the really good stuff, the really informative stuff, for fear you’ll lose your spot in this digital world.

Well, my friends, I love you, and I’m glad you’re here with me.  I’m going to share two phenomenal resources that talk about how to make money online, both of which I found this week.

I’ve launched a digital product, and I’m so glad I did it, but there are so many things I’d do differently if I had to do it over again.

I also think that you can never learn too much about a subject.  Despite my “experience” I’ve gained so much from reading these two resources.

Important:  I chose not to use an affiliate link for one of the resources {the other does not have an open affiliate program} because I really wanted this to be a completely selfless act.  This is just me sharing what I’ve read and enjoyed.


I found Mayi Carles just a few weeks ago via the iHN Social Media Pinterest board.

I was hooked. Great content {creative business, bloggy, organization type stuff}, an infectious smile, and all-around bouncy-bubbly-pizzazzy feel that made me even more excited to be in this space that I’m in.

I devoured her content.  I signed up for the newsletter.  I’m so glad I did.


It only took me about five minutes to decide to take the plunge and purchase it.  I got the early-bird pricing, and let me tell you, this thing is worth it at any price.

Mayi calls it an anti-manual, and that’s one of the things that hooked me.  I don’t like following {all} the rules.  I think many, at least in this digital space, were meant to be broken.

I don’t like doing things the way everyone else does them, just because some really popular person said to do it that way.  I want what works for me, and my folks, whether bright pink is an “acceptable” color choice or not.

Because really, if you’re not happy, why do it?

This guide is full of practical, actionable information you can use to build your digital products, sales page, tribe, and bank account.  It’s not full of a bunch of fluff.  It’s written by a creative, so it really comes from an angle that other creatives can understand.

And, it gives the best advice on pricing I’ve ever read.

Go get it.  Now.


I was introduced to Lisa Morosky via this post on Blogging with Amy.  That’s right, it was just Tuesday.

“Get on the “Insider’s List” and get an eBook overview, plus special pricing”, Amy said.  Special pricing off of what price?  How much?

I decided to take the leap of faith and join.  I’m so glad I did.

Last night I purchased {and completely read} The Bootstrap VA: The Go-Getter’s Guide to Becoming a Virtual Assistant, Getting and Keeping Clients, and More!.

The eBook is unbelievably inexpensive for the information you get.  At over 150 pages and just $12.99, it’s a steal.

Right away, I learned something: VAing is not what you think it is.  It encompasses a vast array of services and fields.  It’s not just office work.

Why does this matter?  Because you might have something to offer!

Lisa gives very detailed information on a} whether starting a VA business is for you and b} how to start it, if it is.

One of my favorite parts? She gives you actual examples of each item.  She recommends you do “X,” and she shows you how she does “X” so you’re not left wondering exactly how it should be done.

Absolutely can’t recommend it enough.


We live in an information society.  There’s tons of it out there.

It can be hard to wade through it all.

So tell me, what are your favorite resources for making money with digital products?

Homeschooling as a Night Owl


I thought perhaps it was just me that was a raging mean person in the morning, thereby making waking up early and homeschooling by 8 am a virtual impossibility.

After a quick Google search, though, I found that I’m not alone.  I was actually surprised at the depth of some of the discussions I stumbled upon on the subject.

In my ongoing quest to bring attention to the road less traveled, I decided it was time to discuss homeschooling when you’re not an early riser.

Here is a rambling of a few things I’ve found helpful in our situation.


Each day has its own progression.  Soccer practice and getting the neighbor’s children from the bus stop always happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Most of my “day job” is done Monday-Wednesday.

There might be a few more things, but basically this means that everything else flows around these things.

Babydoll knows that in the mornings on my workdays she is to do all the schoolwork she can do on her own until lunch.  After lunch, we come together to finish those things we must do together.

There is no set schedule for any of these other things, just a general outline for when they should take place.  Add my husband’s crazy work schedule to the mix and we just don’t live in a house where we can always do math at X time and science at X time and so on.

We all know the flow.  We all know the must-do items.  Other than that, we kind of fit it all in as each day requires.

How do I keep myself on track?  I have a digital Post-It on my Chrome home screen.  I *heart* Incredible Start Page for Chrome.

The yellow Post-It is where I record the must do things for each day.  This isn’t the note where I list “clean the bathroom.”  That doesn’t have to be done.

Picking the neighbor’s kids up from the bus stop has to be done.  Paying a bill has to be done.  Getting certain work done by a deadline has to be done.

Another colored note will hold the “I’d like to get this done” things.  Another holds the blog to do items.

This has worked amazingly well at keeping me organized.


I am one of those mean mothers that forced my child to learn to fend for herself as soon as she could.

Of course, I take care of her generally speaking, but if she happens to wake up before I do, she knows how to get her own breakfast, do her chores, and get herself ready to start her day.

I’d admit: I wasn’t into this idea when Vince first suggested it, but it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

She doesn’t need me to take care of her, she knows how to get herself started each day.

Heck, even if I am up, I don’t do breakfast for anyone…

This also helps me get the stuff done each morning that I need to, and then we come together at lunch.


This is a huge one, and one that I’m still currently fighting.  I despise waking up early, I always have.

I remember the first thing my baby sister would tell people about me is that I was a cranky person in the morning.

She was four.  That’s how bad I am in the morning.

Add to that the fact that we go to bed anywhere from midnight to 3 am every night, and I’m on a crazy schedule.  Rolling out of bed at 5 am just ain’t in the cards.

And this wasn’t a problem, until I started working from home.  In addition to the “fun” of my blog, I’m working as a social media maven and trying to write books, start e-courses, and other awesome stuff.

There’s only so much time in the day.  There’s only so much time left after working and homeschooling and soccer and…

I’ve started thinking of ways to tweak the flow a bit.  If I want to achieve all my goals, I might need to wake up earlier, which means going to be earlier.

It’s a sacrifice and I have to figure out if it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.


I realize quite a bit of this may apply mainly to my household and our unique circumstances, but the meat of the issue can apply to anyone.

If you’re a night owl, you can make it all work, it just takes some out-of-the-box thinking and an open-mind toward adjustments that may need to be made.

Remember that you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing in their homeschools.  Work at what’s right for your family.

Now let’s chat: what type of risers do you have in your home? How do you make it all work?  Have any secrets to share?

September 18, 2012

September 18, 2012

September 18, 2012 – I saw these little guys in Hobby Lobby.  Took a picture to show Babydoll because I just couldn’t decide whether they were awesome or not.

She loves them…