Awesome Archaeology: Lesson Plan #1

Last month I mentioned that we’d be doing a full-on archaeology dig for science this year.

I’m terrified, but it’s time we dig in.  As we dig in, I thought it would be great to share my archaeology lesson plans and printables and other fun stuff with you guys!


Our text will be Hands-On Archaeology: Real-Life Activities for Kids by John White.  It is an insanely great book for teaching for-real archaeology to kids.

The book provides quite a few worksheets, but to make it more colorful and fun, I decided to make a few printables to go along with each lesson.

Each lesson is primarily put together by Mr. White, but I’ll be providing some filler and extras.  Some of the lessons might not make much sense until you get the book.

The lessons I’ll be doing are designed to be used with this book.


The overarching purpose of this project is to do an actual archaeological dig, complete with real tools, forms, and other supplies.

All the while, your child is practicing math, geography, grammar, handwriting, and tons more.

Before you can start hacking away at the earth, Mr. White recommends building a list of archaeologists your child can consult as they begin their project.

You never know what kind of helpful info they’ll provide.

For this lesson, I’ve designed a fun little printable to help Babydoll flesh out this list.

She’ll determine the types of contacts she’d like to have {professors, local archaeologists, etc.}, where she can find info about these contacts {phone book, website, etc.}, what questions she might have for them, whether she’d like to email or call, a deadline for answers to her questions, and then the final contact list.

You can download the printable here.

Be sure to have access to the internet, phone books, and any other resources available.

This information will eventually be used to contact the list and get tips and ideas for the dig.

If you have a child who would love to do a dig or learn more about archaeology, download the printable and purchase the book now so you can follow along throughout the year!