Sweet Phenomena Went to the Beauty Parlor!

That’s right; things are different around here!  Sweet Phenomena felt it was high time she had a makeover.

I’m absolutely gushing; I’m rather pleased with what she chose.  If you’re reading this in your reader or email, you must visit the blog to check out the changes.

Here’s a rundown of the work she had done:

  • NEW LOGO - This is a pretty obvious change.  The cupcake juggling lady has served her purpose.  She was a lovely lady, but she needed a break.
  • NEW COLORS - You’ll still find tons of pink, because it wouldn’t be SP without it.  The shade is slightly different, but I think it fits well with the blue and orange.
  • NEW LAYOUT – I wanted something that was more of a jumping-off point for visitors, so I’m glad the makeover included a homepage, as opposed to just the blog.  Visitors will be able to choose which direction they’d like to head in, while still viewing the latest blog posts at the bottom.
  • SWEET STUFF – Vince had a genius idea for a rogue space in the middle of the homepage.  I didn’t like the original intent for the space, so was going to scrap it but Babydoll and I agreed it needed to stay for the flow of the page.  You’ll now find a Sweet Stuff section, which will house rotating content, anything from important updates to great quotes to sales and promotions!
  • SWEET SPOT - Right past the Sweet Stuff section you’ll find the latest blog posts on the left, and the Sweet Spot on the right.  This area houses three great posts that I think make for some great reading.
  • NEW CONTENT – Not only has Sweet Phenomena gotten a face lift, but the squishy, fun stuff on the inside has gotten a revamp as well.  You’ll find a new About pageFAQ page, a starting point for homeschoolers, a starting point for new readers, and a portfolio page with some of my readers’ favorite posts.

You’ll probably find several other little things, but these are the most prominent changes.

The space feels fresh, new, and exciting to me.  I can’t wait to continue adding more great content that really meets the needs of you guys!

So, what do you think?