Baking with Your Kids: Math in the Kitchen

Teaching math in the kitchen is one of the most obvious things to do with your kids, which is why I didn’t start with it.  But today, we’re talking about exciting and fun ways to incorporate math in your baking escapades!

Teaching Math in the Kitchen

  • Measuring - Have your kids help you measure out ingredients.  Depending on their age, you can teach them the various cup sizes, conversions, and addition of fractions.  The latter is my favorite.  It really helps make it real for them.
  • Stirring - Need to teach counting? Tell your child they need to stir something for 50 strokes {or whatever other number you’d like to use}, and they really feel purposeful in their stirring!
  • Ingredients - Count the number of ingredients in a recipe.  Count the number of chocolate chips in your cookie dough.  Count the number of eggs.  You get the picture.
  • Temperature - Use oven temperature {or candy temperature if doing candy} to teach about Celsius and Fahrenheit, conversions, and more.

Books for Teaching Math in the Kitchen

Our Favorite Way to do Math in the Kitchen

Menu math!  I introduced this a couple of years ago and Babydoll LOVED it.

There are worksheets and books you can buy, and I believe that’s how we started, but you can easily create your own.  Here’s a Google image search to get you going.

Basically, you get to play restaurant.  And your kid gets to be the waiter/owner/everything.

You get the menu, place your order, and they get to work preparing your food and your bill.

Have play food and kitchen equipment?  That makes it even more epic.

Even More Tips

I was fortunate to be able to contribute to the Teachable Moments chapter of The Little Chefs Project with Chef Boyardee.  Be sure to check it out for TONS of great ideas on teaching your kids in the kitchen!