Baking with Your Kids: Honoring and Starting Family Traditions

Baking with your kids is one of those things that they’ll remember for the rest of their life.

Trips to fairs, new gaming systems, vacations, sure they’ll remember bits of pieces of this stuff, but being in the kitchen? You can’t beat those memories.

We’ve talked about all sorts of things to do with your kids in the kitchen the past few days, but today is devoted to the most important: remembering to honor and start family traditions.

Honoring Family Traditions

This is such an important thing to do with your kids.

No matter how small the tradition may seem, it’s important to teach your children to honor family traditions in the kitchen.

Sunday dinners, fish on Fridays, seasonal baking, all of it is important.

But you don’t have to stop at just telling them what the traditions are and being in the kitchen with them.

Make it uber-fun by taking pictures, making scrapbooks, adding a new twist on the tradition, and more.

Compiling a cookbook, complete with pictures of you and your kids making the recipes is my favorite idea.

How many times do you want to make a family recipe but it’s not documented anywhere, so you have to try until you nail it.

Document these recipes with your kids, share the stories behind them, and have a keepsake to pass down from generation to generation.

Start New Family Traditions

I’m all for keeping great traditions alive, but it’s also fun to start new ones.

How awesome would it be for your kids to have something that they helped create to pass down to their kids?

You can create new recipes, new techniques, special baking times, anything you want.

The important thing to remember is that traditions don’t have to be something grand, they just have to be something important to you. ┬áSomething that tells a story.

What traditions do you and your kids celebrate?