Baking with Your Kids: Using Food as Gifts

People love it when you bake for them.

Food as a gift is one of my favorite personalized gift to give.  People get all warm and fuzzy when they know you’ve been thinking about them.

I also know that teaching your kids to think of others is important.

So why not score some sweet bonding time in the kitchen while also doing something for someone else?

Total win.

Tips for Gifting with Food

  • Ask your child for ideas.  Kids love giving gifts to people.  They might come up with ideas that are more creative than “give them some cookies.”
  • Always consider food allergies.  More and more, food allergies are a concern for many people.  If at all possible, try to find out if anyone in the household has a food allergy so you can plan accordingly.  If you’re unsure, add a note to the gift noting any potential allergens.
  • Test your recipe first.  I’ve never *ahem* had this problem, but you should always test your recipe prior to using it as a gift.  There’s nothing worse than a} getting down to the wire because something didn’t work out or b} giving the recipient something totally gag-worthy.
  • Bake with love.  I don’t know about you, but I think stuff tastes better when I’ve really focused on how much I love and appreciate the person I’m baking for.  Plus, it makes it way more fun!
  • Give some thought to your presentation.  Of course it’s the thought that counts, but presentation also counts for something.  You don’t have to get fancy or expensive, but give a little bit of focus to packaging your baked goods so they convey how much you appreciate the recipient!  Here is a great Pinterest board for ideas.
  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew.  It is so easy to decide to bake 57 different things because it’s fun.  Again, I don’t speak from experience or anything, but the cost and time involved with that many recipes can quickly add up…
  • Involve your child as much as possible.  It’s very easy to become consumed with doing things your way: you’re quicker, you’re more efficient, you’re less messy.  Kids have that pure innocence and joy that makes giving gifts even more special, though, so don’t dampen that.

Sugar Cookies & Cookie Icing

This is a recipe Babydoll and I use every single year.  They cookies and the icing are delicious, and it’s easy to work with.

The icing can be used to decorate the cookies, or it can be thinned down to flood them instead.

This cookie recipe does not need to be refrigerated before rolling out and using.