Our Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

One of the things we really miss about WA is the totally awesome pumpkin patches they have there.

Since we’ve been in AL, we’ve visited a couple of different pumpkin patches, and they really suck.  They’re heavily commercial and tacky and not enough about embracing Fall and the great, cozy family fun that can happen at the pumpkin patch.

In our quest to find a decent patch here, we stumbled upon the site for Bennett Farms.  It had promise.  It had a documentary explaining how this cattle ranch turned into a pumpkin patch.

It seemed awesome.

So, we went.  And, while it still can’t compare to WA, it was such a fun and awesome and clean {a farm, super clean, I was blown away} place.

Here are some pictures from our great trip! It was so nice to step away from the computer and enjoy some downtime.