Swanky New Undies for Mr. Sweet Phenomena #MaLoUnderwear

MaLo Underwear at K-Mart

How many of you watched Saved by the Bell?


Yes, I did too.  Who knew I’d be blogging about Mario Lopez’s new underwear line 20-something years later?

Not I.

The Man. The Legend.

That guy down there is my amazeballs husband.

Mr. & Mrs. Sweet Phenomena

Note: Black and white finish was done for no other reason than to make myself look better.  I’m selfish like that.

He’s a pretty swell guy if I do say so, and he works uber-hard making power for the fine folks in the area.

Twice a year that uber-hard becomes ultra-super-uber-hard: the power plant has what they call an outage. He gets to wield tools and turn things and push things and lift things.

It takes a toll on his clothes, especially his under-stuff: t-shirts and underwear.

So, I announced to him that I would be buying him new, fancy underwear.

He looked concerned.

Maybe, possibly because there was this one time when I made him wear an {awesome} purple tie for the job interview for this job.

But, that was three years ago.  And they still remember the tie.

Score. I win.

Enter MaLo

Not the real MaLo, but his underwear.  Underwear line, that is.

I trekked off to K-Mart to find these mythical garments for a two-fold purpose: get the man some comfy, awesomesauce underwear for this season’s outage {started today}, and to add some fun to his drawer.

Because really, who doesn’t want a little fun in their pants?

Shopping for MaLo Underwear at K-Mart

After a little digging, I came upon the Promised Land.

MaLo Underwear at K-Mart

I was ready to stock up on underwear and t-shirts, but unfortunately the only t-shirts this location carried were colored.  I’m pretty sure they do come in white though.

Now, I love colored t-shirts, but they don’t work so well under a blue work shirt.

I did manage to grab six pairs of underwear: three “normal” ones for him and three “WHOA” colors for me.  Well, not “for me.”  For him, but I liked the colors.  You know.

MaLo Underwear by Mario Lopez

MaLo Underwear by Mario Lopez

There were even some purple ones that I wanted to get.  But I decided to pace myself and warm him up slowly.

I really wanted the print ones I’ve seen other bloggers get, but our K-Mart didn’t have those either.  Total bummer.  He actually kind of liked those.

And what are we replacing you ask?  These:

Old Underwear

So, How Did it Go?

Well, we’re still waiting.  As I said, the outage just started, but I think these will outlast the others.

They’re thick, but not too thick, and just feel cozy and soft and substantial.

You know how some clothes feel substantial?  That feeling.

And, when I showed them to my husband, he didn’t become violently ill, or even a little ill, so we’ve crossed that “never buy me anything again because you made me wear a purple tie” hurdle.

I can’t wait to find some more for him.  With skulls and stuff.  Super manly and super awesome!

I think Mr. Lopez said it best himself:

MaLo Tweet

“Malo’ is all about ‘masculine with an edge… Packaging is the statue of David, one of the most iconic bodies in the world. MaLo captures some of that beauty & masculinity but with a MaLo twist.” – Mario Lopez

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