Where You Been, Yo?

I been living life!

I have definitely missed you guys though!

But you know how you reach that point where you literally have no more time left in your day to give?

I reached that point, but it’s great!

I’m starting a new venture and then had all the normal stuff going on, which already makes for a tight schedule.

I’ve been working really hard to make better use of my time and to make sure I spend time with my family.

It’s been working well, but it also meant I had less time to spend here.

Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to:

I’ve been shopping and buying turkey butt wreaths and taking Babydoll to “cupcake wars” and hanging with her and a friend at Talladega and winning tickets to Disney on Ice and working hard on my new business and taking a marketing class and vying for a spot in a marketing competition and finishing up my duties with Kotex and Chef Boyardee and washing {but not folding} laundry and having an 11th wedding anniversary and more.


I’ve got some fun stuff coming your way though:

  • A review of a book for kids on rangoli
  • A Kotex wrap-up
  • A Chef Boyardee Twitter party
  • A post on fitting family time into your schedule
  • And even more awesomeness!
Sweet Phenomena will continue to be updated, just not as frequently as before.  I’d rather bring you quality content than “quantity” content.