Prosperity’s Kitchen Mission 3: Set Your Goals

Mission 3

I’m a huge fan of goals.  I may not always set them, or get them out of my head, but I appreciate the point behind them!

That’s why I loved this mission: it made us focus on our business goals, including a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal {BHAG}.

It was fun. It was challenging. It was scary.

Thinking about a huge goal is crazy scary. You may or may not ever get there, but it’s real when you put it down on paper {or computer screen}.

Episode 3: Goals and Metrics

At first glance I thought this episode was going to be all about Google Analytics.  And I was a little sad when it wasn’t.

Well, the egg is on my face because the episode was so much more helpful.  I not only learned some features of Google Analytics that will be super helpful for me, I also learned about goal setting and metrics you should be tracking for your business in general.

Take a look!

My Mission Project

This week’s mission had us outlining three “normal” goals and one BHAG.

I put this off for as long as I could.  But in the end I’m glad I did it.

You can take a look at my presentation right here.

If you’d like to view the additional reading/materials, you can clickity click here.