Stupendous Sweeties

Many of us who have daughters are on a constant quest to find suitable role models for them.

To find women who deserve their attention.

In a world filled with Bratz dolls, sexualized Candy Land characters, and trashy toddler clothing, we’re desperately trying to find something better for them.

This is why I’ve decided to highlight a Stupendous Sweetie in the Sweet Phenomena newsletter each month.

On the first Wednesday of every month you can find a new article all about a phenomenal female who is doing her thing and changing the world.

The first Sweetie debuts tomorrow!

Not on the list? No problem!

Just head here to sign up for the newsletter and you’ll be all set to get your first issue!

Oh, and there’s a swell bonus for you too: a three-part mini-series on helping your daughter achieve her dreams! A series for her, and a series for you!

Have any ideas on who you’d like to be featured as a Stupendous Sweetie? Leave a comment below!

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