Teach Your Daughter About Powerful Female Role Models

Throwback Thursday 1Media mogul Oprah Winfrey

Politician Hillary Clinton

Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas

Actress Emma Watson

First Lady of California, journalist, and activist  Maria Shriver

Author J. K. Rowling {who began her writing career as a single mother}

What do all these women have in common?  

They are considered to be among the most powerful, inspiring female role models of our time.  And this list could be joined by many, many more women who exhibited power, courage, and leadership throughout time.

Why is acknowledging these women {or women like them} so important to society, and more importantly, to our own daughters?  Because as mothers it is our obligation, our duty, to inspire our daughters, to teach them lessons, to provide them with the tools they will need to carve their own successful paths, to instill confidence and competence, and acceptance of their bodies.

Do we, as mothers, want to empower our daughters to make a difference in the world?  Then we have to go beyond just telling them they should develop their own power as a female and strive to make a difference; we have to show them how to do so.  It provides them with a visual or a map of what is possible, that there are obstacles, and how to overcome them.

It also counteracts the “negative” role models that are out there.  And let’s face it, part of the reason our daughters may be confused in this area is because of the mixed messages they are bombarded with through the media of women who use sex and their bodies to feed a man’s sexual appetite just to make a buck then turn around and claim to be empowered and if they can do it, why not?

Let’s explore what makes some of the women above great role models.  And remember that if we look, we can find some outstanding examples in many areas, whether they are in media, government, business, sports, art, or even just an everyday someone that you know personally.  The series starts in two weeks with the first role model.