About Sweet Phenomena

The short and sweet version:

Homeschool hang-ups, wicked workboxes, sublime successes, rad resources, likable links, and all around awesomeness.  That’s Sweet Phenomena…

The detailed {yet equally sweet} version:

My name is Tiffany and I’m a born-of-necessity homeschool mom.  What in the world am I talking about?  Well, I’m one of those moms that never intended to homeschool, but somehow ended up here.  That’s not to say that I had a problem with homeschooling; I didn’t.  I was, however, content to pay someone else to educate my daughter, because a) I didn’t think I wanted to put the hard work in to doing so and b) I just knew that someone trained in this field could do it much better.

Life has a funny way of working itself out, though, and here I find myself in the midst of my second year homeschooling my eight year old daughter, Babydoll.  Sweet Phenomena details the struggles, revelations, excitement, and everything in between that we face on our homeschooling journey.

How Did This Happen?!?!

My husband was getting out of the Navy in August of 2009, as Babydoll was entering second grade.  We knew we wouldn’t be staying in the Seattle area, which ultimately meant bigger and better things for our family.  It also meant we had no idea where Babydoll would be going to school that year.

The transition phase {which lasted six months} led us from WA to living with family in OR to living in a hotel in Auburn, AL, to finally closing on our house in the Birmingham, AL, area.  Had Babydoll gone to “regular” school, she would have been in three different school systems in one year. We didn’t want that for her.  Enter homeschooling…

So, How Did the First Year Go?

Well, in my opinion, it was pretty awful {I’m jus’ sayin’}.  We struggled immensely the first year because I just couldn’t handle a cross-country move, living in a hotel for three months, waiting for our things to come out of storage, and setting up our new home, all while homeschooling.

I put a great deal of research into her curriculum beforehand, but I was looking at it from the wrong perspective.  I wanted an education for Babydoll, built around what I knew she “should” be learning, but I totally missed the point of homeschooling.  I didn’t know what to look for, so I couldn’t possibly look for the right things.

I wasn’t focusing on her total growth and education as a person, I was focused on the typical school idea.  I still do enjoy aspects of our first curriculum, but since that first year I’ve learned there’s a much bigger world out there when it comes to homeschool resources; it’s fascinating!

Despite this tumultuous first year, I knew we had stumbled onto something great and decided to stick with it.  I am so glad I did!  Through reading, keeping up with other homeschooler’s blogs, and being a bit more settled, I feel like we have a fresh start and I am so excited about all of our possibilities.

This wasn’t part of our initial family plan, so sometimes I feel like I’m doing things backwards.  I now know more of what I need to look for, but it still feels like fumbling in the dark sometimes.  It’s taken a great deal of personal growth, research, reading, talking, and many other things, but it’s been totally worth it.  Hopefully you’ll be able to find some useful information here too, and maybe a laugh or two!