MathTacular! Giveaway!


As homeschoolers, some subjects tend to demand more of our attention than others.  Math, in my opinion, is one of those subjects.

It’s rare that you’ll find what works the first go-round, so many of us are left to experiment.  I’m happy to let you know that Victoria over at DenSchool has a review of MathTacular up {actually, it’ll be several reviews-there’s so much stuff to talk about!} AND she’s having a giveaway for it!

You can enter to win by using the Rafflecopter form below!

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The Homeschool Mother’s Journal

The Homeschool Mother's JournalIn my life this week…


This week was so productive, it felt awesome!  We finished almost everything I had scheduled school-wise, I got almost everything up on the blog that I had anticipated putting up, and all-in-all we’re settling into a great schedule.  I do so much better when I’ve got some pressure on me!

I also learned a ton of new and interesting and random facts, which I love!  Like, did you know the average American eats 10 pounds of marshmallows each year?  My job as a social media marketing assistant means I write the tweets/FB status updates for a variety of businesses.  In addition to linking to their sites and blogs, I also get to find facts relevant to their field and tweet about them.  So fun!

A major accomplishment this week was finding a site that has clothing that I like that is reasonably priced.  I have such a hard time finding clothing that I like.  It’s either too old or too young, or too expensive.  I ordered a couple of new items for Blissdom, and that was really exciting!

In our homeschool this week…


We got a ton accomplished!  We watched a documentary on Martin Luther King, Jr., on the History channel and learned quite a bit.  I even learned several things I didn’t know.  We continued to practice multiple digit multiplication in math.  Babydoll moved on to her next unit in grammar.  She also read quite a bit; I believe she’s working on Alice in Wonderland right now.

We also started working in a book we bought in December, Write Your Own Story Book.  Babydoll is not a fan of writing, so we thought we’d give this a try.  Oh man, night and day!  She loves the book!  We opted to start with the section that provides a prompt or picture, and then she gets to write a story to go along with it.  She’s been typing her rough draft {she hates handwriting}, and once it is finished, she will write the final copy in her book with her best handwriting.  The story is turning out great!

Babydoll also finished up the Top Secret Adventures we were behind on, and we will start the states this week.  She worked on spelling compound words on Spelling City, and we continued lapbooking the planets.

Thoughts I have…


I really need to start making notes throughout our week, because when it comes time to write this post, I forget half of what happened

Do you have a week you’d like to share?  Want to read what others were up to?  Check out The Homeschool Chick’s link-up here.

Sweet Critique: Chippy the Chipmunk – Babies in the Garden

Chippy Chipmunk: Babies in the Garden (The Chippy Chipmunk)Chippy is back!!!  Last year I did a review of Chippy Chipmunk:  Parties in the Garden.  The book was awesome, and all three of us really enjoyed it.

I was so happy to find out that I was being sent a copy of the newest book in the series:  Chippy Chipmunk:  Babies in the Garden by Kathy M. Miller.

I have to say, I think I love this book more than I did the other!  The pictures are even more amazing {the very first page of the story has a gorgeous picture of a purple and pink flower}, the explanation of the names of the chipmunks can start great conversations {the four chipmunks are named after conservationists and others who have tried to make an environmental impact}, and the story is wonderful.

The back even has several facts about chipmunks that can lead to even further investigation.  This would be an excellent book for any child {or adult…} who loves animals, a study on chipmunks, or just a basic study of animals.

The book does a beautiful job of telling an engaging story with great pictures and great educational content.  As a homeschool mother, I love this!

I can’t get over the photography in the book.  I’m amazed by good pictures anyway {I suck at taking them}, but the actions and scenes that Kathy catches are amazing!

Whether you choose to use this book as an educational accompaniment or just to enjoy as a family, I highly recommend it.  It’s such a fun book!

Check out this video to see Chippy in action.

True Confessions:  I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

The Homeschool Mother’s Journal

Oh it feels so good to be doing one of these again!  Yeah baby!

In my life this week…


About a month ago I started a new job; I’m working as a social media assistant for a PR company in AZ.  I’m loving it, but I’m still getting used to how it fits into our schedule.  You know, Vince’s rotating shift work, homeschooling, grooming appointments, blogging, all that fun stuff?  But, everyone’s helping out and is totally supportive and I’m rocking it.

I also registered for freaking Blissdom!  That’s right, I’m going to Blissdom baby!!!!!!!!!!  I’ve wanted to go since I saw all the posts leading up to and after it last year, but never really thought I’d be heading there.  Shoot, I didn’t think I’d still be blogging right now.

Vince knew how much much I wanted to go {read:  I kept droning on and on about it…} and came home one day with some extra “Blissdom spending money” for me.  I registered that day and I’m so glad I did!

In our homeschool this week…


Babydoll and I really picked up the pace this week.  We had an odd schedule prior to December because of soccer and Babydoll’s homeschool class at the Space and Rocket Center.  It felt great to get it going again.

We worked on sentence diagramming and reviewed some stuff in grammar, worked on multiple digit multiplication in math, completed two Top Secret Adventures, practiced typing, worked on spelling state capitols and compound words, and studied the planets in science.  We also decided that we were going to pause on the Renaissance and start learning about the American government, the election process, etc.

I’m grateful for…


I am so thankful Vince pushed me to go to Blissdom!  I have such a hard time making decisions when it comes to spending large amounts of money, and doing things for myself.  He’s my cheerleader {in our own warped family kind of way} and wants me to be happy {or blissful} and knows that I love this.  I’m so thankful for his support!

A quote to share…


Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear. – Mark Twain

I am beyond freaked out about heading to Blissdom with hundreds of other bloggers.  Excited, but freaked out.  As I’ve gotten older, I feel socially awkward anyway and slightly agoraphobic, and going to a conference that huge, with bloggers that actually know each other, and not knowing a soul makes me kind of queasy.  But, I’m gonna be courageous and master my fear by setting a few Blissdom goals.  More to come!

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