Dumb isn’t Pretty: Building Self-Esteem in Girls Through Education

Building Self-Esteem in Girls Through Education

Building Self-Esteem in Girls Through Education

Self-esteem in girls peaks at about age nine, and then it tanks from there. Sobering right? Yeah, I pretty much feel like a #fail parent.

I want my daughter to feel fulfilled, to know how to shine in her own skin. This requires self-esteem, and I wholeheartedly believe that education is one of the foundational pieces of building self-esteem in girls.

Education provides you with opportunities. Education teaches you about other cultures.

Education helps you discover what makes you sparkle inside.  Keep reading for five ways I strive to use education to help her do this.

What Type of Education?

I’m not just talking book smarts. Education doesn’t have to involve sitting in a school.

Education encompasses a wide realm of activities, and as parents it’s our job to make sure these are appreciated and utilized.

It can involve the library, extra-curricular activities, reading, writing, music, art, science, technology, anything that furthers your knowledge and experience in any given subject.

It can come from books or movies or television {NatGeo anyone?} or people or interactions or experiences.

Wrap your head around all of that I just said up there. You’ve got to understand it before you can help your daughter understand it.

Why is it so Important to Build Self-Esteem in Girls?

Many girls have a tendency to focus on what’s outside; after all, this means they can attract boys.

Who needs a smart girl when you can have a pretty one?

{Yes, typing that last part did make me throw up a little in my mouth.}

Oprah said it best, when talking about aging:

I know for sure that only by owning who and what you are can you step into the fullness of life.

Who you are: a caring, vibrant, empathetic, funny, smart, confident, thoughtful girl. And so on.

What you are: a dentist, doctor, teacher, mother, wife, archaeologist, scientist, business owner. And on and on.

Beauty fades. It can’t be used as a calling card forever.

Would you rather help your daughter build her inner beauty, her hopes and dreams, so that she always feels fulfilled, or would you rather let her pass through life seeing how far those pretty eyes can get her?

How Do You Do It?

Building self-esteem in girls is hard.

Our society doesn’t value our inner self, it values our outer characteristics.

So, you can’t turn to society to help your daughter.

Education is one of those things that can help you get her where she needs to be. How, though?

Click play to learn about a few ways you can use education to build self-esteem in your own girls.



See, totally not difficult. Many of these things you might already be doing, and they go a long way in helping to develop self-esteem in girls.

Want a few more ideas? I liked these nine ideas over at Divine Caroline.

Imagine the pride you’ll feel as you see your daughter begin to love herself, begin to embrace that which makes her unique.

She’ll sparkle and shine and she’ll be ready to share her special gifts with the world.

She’ll experience the successes and learning experiences that come from being a risk taker.

I’d Love to Hear From You!

How have you used education to build your daughter’s confidence and self-esteem? What tips do you have for other parents?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and watch. Our culture needs a smackdown, and it all starts with you.

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Beat the Winter Blues {Guest Post}

Winter Blues

Beating the Winter Blues as a Family

I’m posting over at The Home Life {and Me} today!  Be sure to check it out; I’ve got some great links up, filled with creative ways to beat the winter blues!

What’s Happening Around These Parts in 2013?


There’s been an absence of posts here on Sweet Phenomena lately.

There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. I decided that I had to focus on my family instead of my blog and every other little thing I’ve got going on.
  2. I have quite a bit of other stuff going on.

I have enjoyed the time with my family, and I feel much less stressed now that I’ve taken a few things off my plate.

But I’m also excited to let you guys in on what’s coming up and what’s been going on!

Woot Woot! I Got an iMac!

OK, OK, maybe that’s just exciting to me, but I had to share nonetheless.  Not in the “Neener-neener, I got one!” kind of way, but in the “Oh man, I’m so glad that I have a clean desk and all the tools I need to get my work and other activities done!” kind of way.


It appears I need more light, but it’s really not that bad when I’m sitting there…

This is my first “real” Apple product {I don’t count my iPod Touch as a “real” thing, it’s a toy} and dude, I’m in love…

My pretty pink desk accessories from Poppin {LOVE them!} add a nice punch of color, and my Martha Stewart discbound notebook {best. thing. ever. it’s like having a spiral bound notebook that you can add to and take away from} filled with my Life is Messy Bootcamp planner pages is totally rocking my world.  Heart. It. All.

It’s all helping me focus on…

Woot Woot! A Marketing Competition!

You read that right my friends, I am about to start sometime completely new and different.

I’m a contestant on Prosperity’s Kitchen!  You can check out my contestant page {which also houses my audition video} to learn a bit more about my business-y stuff, and you can check out this post to learn more about my two teammates {we’re team three}.

Also check out the video below.  The producer put together a montage of all the contestants’ videos; it’ll give you a chuckle.

Side note:  Why do I look SO serious?

The series starts on Monday and I’m so excited!  It’s going to be quite a bit of work though.  We’ll have several weekly meetings, missions to complete as a team, missions to complete individually if we want, and kick-butt presentations to put together.

 Woot Woot! A New Business!

So, I haven’t officially launched The VA Boutique, but I have clients, so that counts for something right?

I decided to formally organize what I’ve been doing for a while:  helping folks with social media, WordPress, blogging, calendar and business management, etc.

I absolutely LOVE what I’m doing and am so proud of this venture!  But, as I’m sure you guessed, it takes up a chunk of my time…

Woot Woot! News I Can’t Share With You Yet!

I probably could share it, but I’ve not been given the official go-ahead, so I won’t.

But, it involves Blissdom.  Totally wicked, rocking Blissdom.

Woot Woot! Life!

Life right now is full of fun stuff {homeschooling, playing video games, going out to super restaurants}, but it’s also full of not-so-fun stuff {HOA board anyone?}.

Either way, it keeps me busy.  Sweet Phenomena isn’t going anywhere, it’ll just be utilized in a more focused way.

I want to give you guys quality, not quantity, and the only way to do that is to dial back and post less often.

What’s been up with you guys?  I so want to know!

The Homeschool Classroom – Inexpensive Teacher Gifts

The Homeschool Classroom Contributor

The Homeschool Classroom ContributorI’m so excited to let you guys know that I’ve got my first contributor post up at The Homeschool Classroom!

This month we’re talking teacher gift ideas, but with a homeschool spin.  Whether it’s a sports coach, ballet teacher, or co-op assistant, there are plenty of opportunities for your child to gift someone in their life!

Go check it out and let me know what you think!