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Wanna Hang at Blissdom?

I’d love to be able to send one of you, but I’m footing the bill for my trip so that just won’t happen.  This year anyway.


There is a super-sweet woman giving her ticket away!  Yep, just giving it to someone!  It ends on January 20th and has super-low entries right now.  Like 21 entries.  Chances are pretty darn good right now…

I’d love, love, love to meet one of you and hang!!!

Let me know if you enter!

Walgreens and Express Scripts: What You Need to Know

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

Health care network provider changes, term changes, etc., are no secret to most of us.  They happen, and many times they’re not fun.  When you’ve gotten used to a certain doctor, office, pharmacy, location, it can be a huge blow to have to rearrange all of that {trust me, I know…}.

If you are an Express Scripts and/or Walgreens customer, you’ve likely heard about the issues potentially facing you and your prescription drugs.  Basically, if you are an Express Scripts customer and have your prescriptions filled at Walgreens, you can no longer have that done as Walgreens is no longer in the Express Scripts network.  You can find more information about this move here.  There’s some great and detailed information that is important for you to know.

A huge number of people that are affected are military personnel.  Tricare, military healthcare, works with Express Scripts.  This means that military personnel who have used Walgreens for their prescription needs can no longer do so and be covered.

Many of you are not at all happy about this either.  More than 250,000 Tricare beneficiaries and supporters have petitioned {in favor of Walgreens} what is happening between Walgreens and Express Scripts.  Many of you enjoy the freedom your Walgreens pharmacy offers you {24 hour service, personal attention, access to a neighborhood pharmacy} and having to change that is a huge headache.

But what can you do?  It’s happened, you have to move on and make a decision in the best interests of your family.

Thankfully, Walgreens has tried to make this as seamless as possible for you.  If you’d prefer to keep them as your pharmacist, you can join the Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens.  They’re giving you a deep discount for the month of January: $5 for an individual and $20 for a family.  This is a $15 and $25 savings, respectively.  

If you are upset about what is taking place, you can also contact local media to voice your dissatisfaction.  People that band together to make noise and make a difference are often heard.

You can also follow Walgreens on Twitter and Walgreens on Facebook to stay informed.  If you have been affected, be sure to show your support for Walgreens!

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Train Up a Dog #ILoveMyk9


DogI love, love, love my dog! There he is to the right: Mr. Winston Fitzpatrick Manley!  Well, he’s “our” dog, you know, the family dog…

Overall, he’s a pretty good dog.  He’s smart and loving and generally listens.  He also loves treats.  I think he’d inhale them if we let him.  He’ll even pretend he needs to go potty because he thinks it’ll get him a treat…

We haven’t trained him to do a new trick in a while, so we decided that we’d like to train him to spin.  This ought to be fun..

How to Train Mr. Stone


I know there are a variety of ways to train an animal, but we prefer the food route.  I mean, we like food, and I would probably want to be trained with food, so that’s what we decided to use.

Obviously, though, when you’re training your animal they’ll be ingesting quite a few treats, so you want something healthy and good for them.  I try to do this anyway with his treats, but it’s also nice to branch out and find him something new.

Babydoll and I headed down to our local Walmart and decided to conquer the dog treat aisle!  We were looking for three specific brands:  Milo’s Kitchen, Pup-Peroni, and Milk-Bone ®.

We perused the Pup-Peroni first, as they only had one type of lean treat at our store: the beef.  I wasn’t crazy about the ingredients in these treats {they contain meat by-products and red 40}, but Winston loves them!

Next we tackled the Milk-Bone® products.  There were a ton; more than I ever knew they had.  I was really excited to see several healthy all-natural and fortified varieties.  We picked up a chewy and a biscuit healthy treat for Winston.

Finally it was time to choose Milo’s Kitchen treats.  There were only a few products at our store, but then again, if a company does something well, it doesn’t matter if they only sell a few products…  I chose the two treats with the fewest and most natural ingredients.

Winston is two, so he’ll be with us for a long time to come.  I really want to put the best possible stuff inside him so we’ve got great years ahead of us!  Also, his stomach can have a hard time adjusting to new foods so I am always a bit wary of changing brands, but so far, so good!

He’s already enjoying the treats and we’ve started the training process.  You’ll have to stay tuned for the results of the training period next week!

Want to see more pictures of all the goodies we found in the dog treat aisle?  Check out my Google+ album!

True Confessions:  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias

Sweet Critique: Anna Delores Photography


Photography fascinates me.  Not in the “I live it and breathe it” kind of way, but in the “man I wish I could do it” kind of way.  Good pictures can make or break something.  They can totally enhance your blog, and they can transform a room in your house.

Some of my favorite home decor is photographs, especially photographs that have some sort of story behind them.  They make you happy whenever you look at them, help you recall the surrounding events, and remind you of what you cherish.

But, since I suck at taking pictures, you’ll never find any of my photography on my walls.  Thankfully, we’ve got people like Emily, owner of Anna Delores Photography.

About Anna Delores Photography


Named after her maternal great-grandmother and paternal grandmother, Anna Delores Photography is a nifty little Etsy shop where you’ll find great photographs taken by the super-nice Emily Reiter.  She lives in CA, so most of her photos are of CA, but some are also taken in places she’s visited.  Emily loves vintage and antique photos as well, and she’s got quite a few really great pieces that fit that bill also.

I absolutely love the photos in Emily’s store!  I had such a hard time picking one to review {and Emily was nice enough to send me two, as well as a few other goodies!!!}, so I spent quite a bit of time looking through her store.  What I really love is that she has photographs to fit pretty much any taste.  Like pastels?  There are gorgeous prints of macaroons.  Like architectural prints?  She’s got those too.

What Did I Get?


Oh, the most lovely pictures around!!


They’re great quality, Emily ships fast, and they’re packed nicely.  I was so happy with the whole thing!!  Her prices are great too; I really can’t recommend her enough!!

How About a Giveaway?


Emily has been kind enough to offer one of you an 8×10 print of your choice!!!  Just use the Rafflecopter form below to enter!

True Confessions:  I was provided with two prints to facilitate my review.  This did not influence my opinion of the product.  I do totally <3 Emily though.  :)

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