Gifting our Mail Woman with #MurphyUSA

Murphy USA

Murphy USAMost of us have mail carriers who are great at what they do.  With the exception of a few envelopes I’d prefer not be placed in the mailbox, our mail woman does a great job.  Packages are always put under the porch in case it rains, she speaks to us when we’re out there, we really can’t complain!  So we thought it might be a great idea to get her a little something.

Goodies for the Mail Woman


We don’t really know her, so a personalized present was out of the question.  Getting her something useful was important, and so we thought a snack would be perfect.  We know we get hungry when we’re out…

A trip to Murphy USA was just right.  I never would have thought to visit the store for something like this, but I tell you, they have a surprising assortment of stuff.

Side note:  For our football celebration, yes, we went to a Murphy Express and found a ton of stuff.  What was really surprising about the Murphy USA store is that at first glance, it looks like a simple kiosk.  Upon closer examination, though, I found that there were quite a few cases of snack, drinks, and other stuff.  Crazy, there was a ton of stuff to choose from!

Not prepared for the sheer magnitude of stuff waiting for us, we had to take a few minutes to look through everything before deciding what to purchase.

Murphy USA

Murphy USA

Murphy USA

Murphy USA

Murphy USA

After we investigated all of our choices, we decided we’d get the mail woman a protein, some cookies, and a lemonade.  We figured this would be a nice little snack for her!

Murphy USA

We found a pretty little bag to put it into, included a note, and hung it on the mailbox!  We can’t wait for her to get it!

Murphy USA

If you have a Murphy USA around, I recommend checking them out.  They have so many things that you might not have ever known about {especially the Express stores!}, and it’s all a really great price!  Perfect for putting together little gifts like this.  You can view more of our trip on Google+.  Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter, too!

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Sweet Steps: How To Create a Google+ Album


With a fairly new beast like Google+ comes a learning curve when doing things like creating a photo album.  Quite frankly, I don’t think that feature is all that user friendly.  The only way I figured it out was to do what I always do:  click buttons and hope it works.

I’ve sent these instructions to a few folks and they’ve loved them, so I thought I’d post ‘em here for all of you!

  • Log in to Google, go to Google+.
  • Up top, next to the Google+ logo on the left, click this: Google+
  • On the left, under your pic, click this: Google+
  • Click: Google+
  • Name your album or add it to an existing one: Google+
  • I select them from my computer: Google+
  • After pics are uploaded, click this: Google+
  • Tag if you want.
  • I don’t share at this point, since I’m not done with it, so I just cancel: Google+
  • You’ll then see a big square with the album/photos you just uploaded. Click on it.
  • Now you’ve got all the pictures you uploaded to that album in front of you. If you click on one, it brings it up bigger, on a black background, where you can add captions. I do that next.
  • Finally, I’ll go here: Your albums should be visible there. Click on the one you want to re-order.
  • Up at the topish, toward the middleish lol, you’ll see “Organize.” Click that and then you’ll be able to click, hold, and drag them into place. Click “done” when finished.
  • That should be about it.  Be sure to go back to your album in Google+ and click “Only You”: Google+
  • This will bring up sharing options, click this: Google+
  • Then choose “Public.”
That’s it!  It’s so super simple once you know how to do it!

Sweet Critique: iMemories #PreservingMemories #CBias


iMemoriesMany of us have memories we want to preserve, both in the form of old home movies and photos.  I know we “became adults” right as digital stuff was getting really popular, and then we were too poor to afford it.  But, since I love my tech stuff, I really hated not having our home movies in digital format.  For one, we never watched them because of the hassle involved in doing so, and two, you can’t share something digitally that’s on a Hi8 tape…


How to Convert the Movies?


I knew I didn’t want to do this myself.  I have access to most of the stuff I would need to do so, and the instructions on how to do so, but I’ve had that all for a while and I’ve never done it.  So a DIY was out of the question.

I knew there were services out there that could do this for me, but I never really looked into them and they didn’t seem to be readily available, you know?  If it wasn’t marketed to me actively, I probably didn’t see it…  I’m a busy mom.

Then I had the opportunity to use iMemories.  I understood the concept, but I didn’t quite understand how I’d come to love it.

Because iMemories teamed up with The UPS Store, the process is so unbelievably easy!  You literally gather up your old movie, bring them in to The UPS Store, and they pack and ship them for you.  I brought mine stuff in a plastic grocery bag!

The UPS Store

Shipping to iMemories at The UPS Store

Myra at The UPS Store

Once iMemories gets it, they label and log it, digitize it, and then post it on their secure site for you to either label and organize them, or just have them put directly onto DVD.  When they’re done, they mail back the originals and the DVDs.

That’s it.  That’s the whole process.  It’s a simple trip to The UPS Store, and a few mouse clicks.  Uber-bonus:  while you’re waiting for your DVDs to arrive, you can watch your home movies online.  We’ve been enjoying that so much.  It’s brought the three of us together at the table several times now, watching what life was like years ago.  Warm fuzzies baby, warm fuzzies.

digitized home movies

What Did I Think?


Overall I’m happy with the service.  This really makes me want to digitize the rest of our stuff.  It was so easy.  My outbound shipping got a bit wonky {the package left AL, and then came back and sat for a couple of day…}, so my package was delivered a couple of days late, but other than working with a deadline, that’s really a non-issue for me.  And for the record, I love UPS as a shipping provider, and am rarely ever presented with delayed shipments.  Like I could probably count them on one hand…

The customer service I received at both The UPS Store and from iMemories was exceptional.  I love that I got a personal email from someone at iMemories letting me know I could view my videos online and that my DVDs would be shipped out soon.

I do wish I could get them on Blu-Ray, though.  Maybe someday!

I can’t show you my DVDs just yet {they’re supposed to be here tomorrow}, but I’ll update you as soon as they come in!

If you’re looking to do this for yourself or as a gift, for whatever reason, I definitely recommend using this service.  To find out a bit more about the whole process, check out my Google+ photo story!

#PreservingMemories with iMemories & The UPS Store

True Confessions:  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All statements are my own.

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