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I’m away at the beach this weekend {squeee, I know!}, so I thought I’d hook you up with some snazzy Sweet Phenomena content:

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One of Our Favorite Springtime Traditions


Back when we lived in WA, Vince was in the Navy.  That meant he wasn’t home very often.

Babydoll was much younger then, and aside from when my mother-in-law would come to visit {or we’d go to see her}, it was just she and I.  I felt compelled to make even ordinary things fun and memorable.

So, a few years ago, I started preparing a brunch for she and I, ever Spring.  It has proven to be a tradition that we repeat year after year, and one we really enjoy!

I had Disney Winnie the Pooh springtime china, so I thought, “What better way to use this than our once-a-year brunch?”  That makes it even more special.

As you can see in the picture above, I make little menus and place-setting cards.  I use fancy serving trays.  I fold napkins into fun animals.

And the food…  Oh man, the food.

I vary the menu each year, but we’ve had cheddar corn muffins, deviled eggs {I make the best ones, hands down}, strawberries and cream, bacon-wrapped green beans, ham, biscuits, crepes {I now know I should buy them…}, scones, lemon bars, frittatas, and on and on.

I love to cook, but quite often everyday life squelches that desire.  But, doing things like this really gives me the chance to throw down and really have fun.

I’m hoping it’s something Babydoll will remember fondly when she’s too old to care about doing stuff with me!

The folks at Hershey’s are all about helping you celebrate with flair!  They were Blissdom sponsors and had a fun booth set up, complete with chocolate.

So, how do you celebrate with your family?  Do you have any special traditions that are your own?

True Confessions:  I have received Hershey’s product in exchange for this post.  I do this brunch every year, though, and it was fun sharing it with you guys!

Hallmark Tell Them {GIVEAWAY CLOSED}


Ever get the feeling that you don’t take enough time to tell the people you care about how much you care?

Yeah, I thought so.  I do too.  Quite often, actually.

Truth of the matter is, none of us know how long we have on this earth.  None of us know when we won’t have the luxury of being able to talk to those we care about.

Every one of us has something we want to hear, and we have something we want to say.  We get caught up in everyday life, we’re shy, we forget, we take those people for granted.


Hallmark realized how much we forgot to tell folks we loved them, missed them, cared about them, and launched the Hallmark Tell Them campaign.

They wanted to make sure we vowed to tell those special folks just what they needed to hear, what we want to tell them.

Check out their warm and fuzzy little video:

They’ve even put up a little page on Facebook to help you take the vow, and to let others know what that vow is!

Awesome I tell you!

Hallmark was a Blissdom sponsor and they had one of the most fun suites there:  they set up a card shop for us and we could not only pick out cards to send to friends and family that weren’t at Blissdom {I sent one to Babydoll and one to Vince}, but you could also pick out cards to give to someone at Blissdom!

All we had to do was put the person’s Twitter handle on the front of the card and they had a nifty little card holder wall thing up with tons of cards for folks at Blissom!  So warm and fuzzy!

I was pleasantly surprised to find out I had been carded!

Hallmark even sent me a couple of cards when I got home!  Love them.

Now, we’ve talked about the importance of telling someone what you feel, but you need a manner with which to do so, yes?

Hallmark is hooking one of you up with a pack of 10 greeting cards!!!!  Use the form below to enter!

True Confessions:  So, Hallmark sent me a couple of cards.  And they were a Blissdom sponsor.  And they mentioned if I’d like to post about them and their campaign they’d give one of you some cards.  They’re awesome.  I love cards.  I wanted you guys to win.  And to thank Hallmark for coming to Blissdom…


Sweet Critique: My Memories

My Memories

You guys know how much I love technology!  If I can automate it and put it on my phone or my laptop, I’m in heaven.

When digital cameras came around {yes, I’m old enough to remember when they weren’t around!}, I was excited.  Taking a picture, being able to delete it right then and there, retake it, then put it on the computer and manipulate it?   Yes please!

One thing I always wanted to do, but never could do for a variety of reasons, was to put together cute little photo albums of Babydoll when she was little.

I just don’t have a very good eye for design with some stuff {well, it takes me a while anyway} and sitting there with glue and scissors and stuff just wasn’t my idea of a good time.

I was recently introduced to digital scrapbooking and MyMemories, though, and I thought, “What a neat concept!  All the embellishments and patterns and everything all right there, digitized!”

MyMemories has some really cool features:

One of my favorites?  The fact that you don’t have to drag out a bunch of stuff and then put it away!

At just $39.97, it’s a great value for those of you who really enjoy doing this and having options.

I will admit, when I first sat down to use it, I was a little intimidated.  I had a blank canvas and tons of options; scary!

But, if that type of thing doesn’t phase you, you’ll absolutely love this stuff.  It really does have just about anything you’d need to make some awesome stuff!

Do you enjoy digital scrapbooking?  Have you created anything?

Sweet Cause: Sharing Domestic Violence Experiences

There is so much to talk about when it comes to awareness for any campaign:  how to help, what to look for, when things start happening, and who it happens to.

I’ve blogged a bit about what the signs of domestic violence are and what you can do to help someone who is a victim of domestic violence.

I plan to continue posts like these because I believe it’s important to educate people.  I couldn’t help but think, though, that personal experiences really drive home the importance of this awareness.

While I’ve briefly touched on my experience with domestic violence, and I’d like to give others the opportunity to share their experiences as well.

I’d like to feature survivors, those still in abusive relationships, children of these relationships, any story at all.  Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to contribute.  You can do so anonymously if you’d like.

Some posts will be guest posts here on Sweet Phenomena and other times I’ll link to posts that have been done before.

My bloggy friend, Meagan, is sharing her story today.  Meagan is an incredible lady who is always ready to help another blogger out, without even being asked.  You’d never know she had been in several abusive relationships.

Visit Meagan at Sunshine and Sippy Cups to read about her experiences with domestic violence, what finally caused her to rid herself of these relationships, and how she’s doing now!