Core Values Worksheet

  1. Read the list and immediately cross out the words that fail to connect with you.
  2. Return to the list and circle the top 12 words that DO connect with you.
  3. Narrow the 12 down to 6.
  4. Prioritize the remaining 6.

Accountable:  Taking responsibility/ownership for actions and/or outcomes

Achievement:  Reaching or exceeding goals successfully

Authority:  Possessing power over decisions, people, assets

Authenticity:  Quality of being genuine, trustworthy, and reliable

Balance:  Keeping in perspective work, home, hobbies, relationships

Career:  Advancing professional credentials

Change:  Looking forward to and valuing change, continuous improvement, doing things differently

Competence:  Possessing the skill, knowledge and/or ability to effectively perform

Commitment:  Being bound emotionally or intellectually to a course of action, dedication

Creativity:  Thinking outside the box; trying new ways of accomplishing goals

Diversity:  Respecting a variety of cultures/lifestyles

Effectiveness:  Executing with precision to achieve results

Efficiency:  Producing results in a timely manor with a minimal of waste, expense, or unnecessary effort

Empowerment:  Willing to give and accept responsibility and the power to act

Faith:  Believing beyond what seems immediately real or possible

Fairness:  Treating people and being treated equally

Family:  Valuing and prioritizing quality time with significant others

Fitness:  Being physically fit; optimal well-being

Fun:  Playfulness, ability to laugh and express humor, joking

Generosity:  Giving from or beyond your current resources

Growth:  Investing in lifelong learning, personal development, self-education

Honest:  Being truthful and sincere

Hope:  Anticipating and expecting the most cherished of desires

Independence:  Free from the influence, guidance, or control of others

Integrity:  Words and deeds are consistent

Legacy:  Making a difference today with tomorrow in mind, succession

Loyalty:  Faithful to a person, an ideal, a custom, a cause, or a duty

Love:  Profoundly tender and affection desires

Money:  An abundance of valuable material possessions, riches

Passion:  Intense emotional excitement, boundless enthusiasm

Quality:  A standard of excellence

Recognition:  Giving and receiving acknowledgement for achievements

Risk Taking:  The courage and willingness to take a calculated risk and step outside of one’s comfort zone

Service:  Putting others needs above your own and respond accordingly

Structure:  Formality, processes, and systems

Team:  Contributing to and being a member of a unified team, being a team player

Transparent:  Open with thoughts and feelings

Trust:  Belief in honesty/integrity of another and being trustworthy

Truth:  Verified or indisputable facts, propositions, principles, or the like

Urgency:  Fast paced, action orientation with purpose

Wisdom:  Having a deep understanding, insight, and knowledge, the ability to make good judgments