Let’s Get Social!

This week’s Prosperity’s Kitchen mission involved creating a social media calendar for at least one platform for the next three months.

I chose to focus on Pinterest, since I get more referral traffic from it than any other site. One of my main goals for this platform is to build a community and position myself as an expert.  While I will pin content from my own site, most of the content will be from trusted resources that I find while scouring the internet daily.

Since Pinterest has comment and like functionality, I’d like to try to drive more comments on pins to a} do market research and b} engage my community.

My content strategy revolves around providing mothers and daughters with resources that help girls 8-12 sparkle and shine through education appreciation, self-esteem building, and career exploration.  Whether through blog posts, videos, workbooks and digital information products, or through social media platforms, all content is created and curated with this goal in mind.

You can take a look at my strategy & calendar, view one of my favorite pins {the sample engaging post}, or take a look at the brand new board I created to kick this quarter off!