Product Development Rocks City Blocks

Some of us love to create stuff.

Bicycles. Books. Art. Toilet paper.

Any number of things float our boats.

Know what makes creating easier? Creating with the help of someone else.

Imagine: you take your awesome, and combine it with someone else’s awesome.

Can the world even handle all that awesome?

Of course it can. Folks are waiting for your product. They need it. They want it.

The focus of this week’s Prosperity’s Kitchen mission was to imaginize five potential product development partners, choose one, and talk and talk and talk about it.

I’ve put the presentation into a couple of formats: PDF and Quicktime video.

I’m a sad, sad girl because I originally designed the presentation in Keynote, and it was beautiful, but not everyone has Keynote.  And not everyone wants to download an app to view it.

So, I uploaded it to my favorite video hosting site, because it is awesome.  But then you couldn’t advance at your own pace.

So, I decided to break down and use Slide Rocket. But then I had to export to PowerPoint and I lost all the awesome.  Like cool fonts and sparkles.

I only do pretty.

So, I’d rather display it in another way, without sparkles and animation, just so you can see the rest of the pretty. Score. Ish.

As a matter of fact, several ways. Pick your poison people.

Here’s an issuu…

and a PDF…

Prosperity’s Kitchen Mission 4

and a Quicktime video that you can click through.

Prosperity’s Kitchen Mission 4 Video