Top 10 Apps & Plugins for Efficiency

Welcome Reviewer’s Retreat folks! So totally stoked to have you here!!

I enjoyed sharing this information with you, and hoped you took something useful away from the presentation.

Below you’ll find the presentation, some bonus apps and plugins, and some resources to help you use them.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Bonus Resources

Teamwork PM – This is what I use for project management. Very similar to BaseCamp, but less expensive and a bit more user-friendly.

Boomerang – This is great for scheduling emails to be sent on a certain day and/or at a certain time.

LastPass – When you have your clients’ sites and info to manage, in addition to your personal and business presences, you can lose yourself in all the passwords. LastPass securely manages all of these passwords, and also allows you to share login information discreetly with others, such as members of your team.

DigiTwirl – I love this site; it’s a great resource for all sorts of helpful apps and digital awesomeness.

Helpful Sites

How to use Google Calendar

How to use Asana

How to use TimeTrade

How to use Google Analytics

How to use SEO by Yoast

How to use VaultPress

How to use Akismet

How to use Quick Post

How to use Shoeboxed

How to use Freshbooks

How to use Highrise