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Sup, I’m Tiffany, & I’m a proprietor of pizzazz.


I teach girls how to sparkle & shine.


I help girls realize that all they need, they can find within themselves.


I use education appreciation, career exploration, & confidence construction.


They’re phenomenal when I start. They’re wicked awesome & full of absolute win when I’m done.


My mission is to help girls realize they can dream gargantuan dreams. And they can achieve them.

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As a mom of a 10 year old girl, I know what it’s like to lay awake at night totally spazzing, wondering if you’re giving her enough, worrying that society will win.

I know what it’s like to have that slight elephant-on-your-chest feeling as you think about the limited time you have to cuddle with her, to teach her, to protect her.

Dude. Heavy.

But then, you get that lump in your throat as you think of the pride you’ll feel when she makes the right choice, when she accomplishes a huge goal, when she graduates from college, when she succeeds in whatever calling she’s chosen. Knowing that she is confident, that she has a heart big enough to help others, that she will go on to live her life in service to those who need her.

Growing up I saw my mother verbally, emotionally, and physically abused.  The worst part was that she perpetuated the idea that all men were like that, that we were not good enough, that we’d never be good enough, because both society and men had expectations that were entirely too high and we’d simply never reach them.

I wanted more. I didn’t want to settle. I didn’t want to stay stuck, with no hope for anything totally awesome in the future.

I knew what I wanted, and I knew no matter how hard it was, I had to get it.

I don’t have super-awesome abilities. I simply chose to seek out and take advantage of programs and people who could help me. I soaked up whatever they could give me.

Through education and mentors, I struggled to achieve some of what I wanted in life.

Then my daughter came along. I knew, like most parents, that I wanted her to grow up in a different environment, that I wanted her to have more. While I don’t always succeed, I’ve tried to frame every decision through the lens of let’s-not-screw-her-over.

I love the national motto of Belize: under the shade I flourish.

I flourished under the shade. It made me who I am today, and has positioned me to be keenly aware of what can help girls feel empowered & important.

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No matter how much we want it, we as mothers don’t always have the answers. We’ve got our own baggage & our own limitations. That doesn’t mean we don’t want the absolute most rocking experiences for our daughters.

I can teach your daughter how to embrace her unique self, how to discover what she loves, and to proudly present herself as the special and awesome chick she is.

I can teach you how to  engage her and start discussions that bring this out in her as well. And who knows, you might even learn a thing or two you can apply along the way.

Through workbooks, Skype sessions, monthly webinars, & more, you’ll start to feel less wigged out by the future of your daughter and more in control.

I especially love working with 8-12 year old girls. They’re hungry for knowledge, they want to explore. They’re still innocent, vulnerable, and rock out to their own rhythm.

Seeing their eyes light up as they learn about other cultures, careers, & different ways of doing things makes me so happy.

For five years I’ve worked with my daughter & other girls as a Girl Scout troop leader to build their awareness about the world around them, teach them about business, cooking, history, values, self-confidence, & more.

I’ve taken them to the theatre, art museum, camping, new restaurants, & worked with them to build solid business plans for their fundraisers.

We dressed up. We got dirty. We learned about farm-to-table. We created marketing procedures. We tried new things.

Let’s roll. Just click “let’s do this” below to enter your deets to receive epic tips each week. You’ll learn how to build a generation of girls who know who they are & how they can use their talents to sparkle & shine.


factI love video games. Like, pretty much every day you can find me logged in to Lord of the Rings Online, wielding my two-handed guardian’s sword of the second age, questing to save Middle Earth. I’ve also got a severe passion for Wii Just Dance.


I’ve always wanted to own my own business.  I’ve done taxes, created custom wedding cakes, and did homeschool consulting. Yep, I was definitely a searcher.


I think side ponytails are hawt.


I’ve lived in North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, Oregon, & Alabama. All within the last 11 years.


I would make everything pink & sparkly if I could.



The Lorax is my close, personal friend.


I skipped quite a bit of school my senior year of high school. I was a straight A student, and as soon as my work was done, my teachers would give me notes to leave. One time I went to buy my parents an anniversary present. My mother caught me. She called the school & demanded that I not be named an Outstanding Senior because of it.


I get excited about pretty much anything. Getting mail? I’m so there. See a hawk in a tree? Dude, he’s so my bird. Eating the best freaking fresh strawberry shortcake known to man? I’m making folks uncomfortable with my inappropriate noises.