Systems Rock, Yo!

Color-coding a calendar and manufacturing checklists and putting a system in place makes me so giddy inside.  I may not do it perfectly, but man oh man, I could talk systems for ages…

This week’s PK mission was to document a new client intake system for our business.  My new products and services are kinda in my head, so I had to think through a system that I will eventually need in place: bringing a new private coaching client into the fold.

You know, for the day when moms are paying me to stupendicize their daughters?  Yep, that coaching.

After a little brainstorming {and a strong desire to pull out massive amounts of hair}, I put together the flow chart for the system. If it’s too small to read, be sure to click on the image to make it bigger!

This is the barebones, let’s-glance-at-its-prettiness-and-marvel-at-the-system documentation.

Then came the super-fun part: documenting the actual steps of the system.  The nitty-gritty.

This document assumes a few things:

  • I am doing the work, or
  • I have hired a team member who will have been trained to do the work.

One page has the summary of steps, followed by the in-depth stuff.  The bolded items in the summary are linked to various spots within the document.

You can take a look at that spiffy thing here.

Finally, we were asked to give one sample communication. I chose to use the client work flow chart.  I’d like to note that all six months are not outlined in the communication {since I’m still working on developing my products and services}, but they would all obviously be included prior to ever taking on a private client.

Each month the client will have four meetings with me, and each month’s work flow chart will outline the basic themes of those meetings.

My sample communication is sitting right here!

Now wasn’t that fun? I bet you didn’t know that systems could be so freaking swell!