Homeschool Planning

This was originally posted in July, 2011.  It’s by far the most popular post on Sweet Phenomena.


This is the first post in a new series about homeschool planning.  I’m by no means an expert, and I definitely copy and tweak the work of others often, but I think that it is absolutely OK to do that!  As I plan our next school year, I thought I’d share with you what I do.  You can find the second post in the series here.  Here are posts three, four, and five.

It’s homeschool planning time for many of us!  Tons of posts, tweets, and status updates revolve around this task right now.

This series will take a look at some of my favorite homeschool planning posts, some of the tools available to tackle the planning, digging in and getting started, staying the course, and putting the final touches on your system.

If you’re anything like me, you love looking through the posts of others, eagerly looking for anything useful for your own situation.  Below are some of the posts I’ve found as I’ve searched for ways to plan our homeschool year.

These are just a small portion of what’s out there!  Hopefully you’ll find something that will get your creative planning juices flowing and give you an idea of what you want to do so you know where to start.

Do you have any posts about homeschool planning you’d like to share?  Leave them in the comments, I’d love to check them out!


Homeschool Planning Changes for Next Year – Work in Progress

Warning: This is a slight rambling of my thoughts right now as I sit and begin to plan our homeschool year.  There are some useful resources peppered throughout though.

So I’ve done several posts here on Sweet Phenomena over the past couple of years {yes, in August Sweet Phenomena will be two!!!} about homeschooling planning.

I am not ashamed to tell you {or maybe I am, but either way, I’m going to tell you because I’m gonna keep it real} that I still don’t quite have a system down yet.  Something still falls through the cracks.

Things just aren’t working as smoothly as I know they can.

So it’s the time of year when I start thinking about our next year.

One thing that I know did work this year was our use of Dropbox to do daily schooling and plans.  That is on the road to success; that setup.

Well, I am so stinking thrilled to let you know my initial thoughts on the new My Well Planned Day software!!  It takes our Dropbox concept and puts it on steroids.

I want to note:  This is not a compensated review.  I just paid for this item myself, on a whim, deciding to give it a try.

Oh. Em. Gee.

This thing is awesome.  So.  Flipping.  Awesome.

It’s in beta right now, so you can’t even use all the awesome that will be come August when it’s fully released.

I just watched a recorded Q&A session, though, and they have amazing plans for this software.  They have thought of everything!!

I’ll be able to enter assignments in the software, and Babydoll will be able to log on as a student and access her stuff, same as we did with Dropbox.

They’re working to make assignment completion work with attendance tracking. Pure awesome.

Oh how I love it…

I also found three posts that have helped me immensely.  They’re over at The Planted Trees:

I haven’t delved into the week and day one yet, but the year one was immensely helpful.  I think I have  finally found a way to actually get school done in a simple, flexible way that also works with Vince’s schedule.

Only time will tell whether this works, but opening up the school year to a year-round schedule, marking off the dates that I know we’ll need off {Blissdom next year, camp, etc.}, and using a simple formula that she outlines in that post, I know exactly how many days we need to school a month.

They don’t have to be M-F each week.  I’m just too excited!  Plenty of time built in for goofing off, sick days, and more.

What do you use? What do you love? Do you school year-round?