Want to Come Hang in My Sandbox?

This week’s mission was all about figuring out how to hang in super-fresh ways with other business peeps.

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock or three, I’m going to reiterate the most important thing we learned: it’s about relationships, folks.

It ain’t all about your list size and your pretty little face and how freaking awesome you think you are.

People don’t give a crap. If you want to work with them to leverage what they can give you, you better not let that thought permeate your pitch.

They’ll delete that ish so fast it’ll make your mouse spin.

Get to know people for the sake of getting to know them, looking for ways you can help them. Then, make sweet music together.

I chose to focus on a business I learned about in B-School. ¬†Several of us were discussing our shared situation: a “split” target market. Products and services for tweens, but the need to target mom because she’s the monetary gatekeeper.

Marlene and I started chatting via email because we had very similar target markets, and bonus points: we don’t have competing products.

I’ve got her site on my ideal client board as one that my ideal client would visit in her quest to find information to help her be a better mother.

This week’s mission deliverable¬†is based on this budding relationship, and an idea I hope to God I see come to fruition.